Busqueda y Origen

Cause and Origin Experts

When clients call requesting help because they’ve discovered a water or sewer leak, your primary concerns are to obtain fast, efficient service and to reduce the cost for detection and repair. American Leak Detection’s minimally invasive service will reduce your restoration costs.

Five reasons to contact us for quick, cost-effective action:

  • Fast results > Superior equipment isolates the leak source quickly
  • Verification > Detected source and origin report on every job
  • Save Money > Methods ensure that damage to property is minimal
  • Confirmation > Recorded video inspection of sewer line verifies pipeline integrity and isolates problem
  • Confidence > Backed by over 30 years of experience and state-of-the-art equipment

For Quick Response use the Request Service Form.

You will be contacted promptly in order to collect the full details needed to schedule the leak investigation.