We provide reports certified by personnel who specialise in thermographic studies.

We offer an innovative tool to control temperature-dependent processes.

Our reports are high resolution and performed by personnel with thermographic certification, which allows them to provide accurate and safe measurements in energy audits and locate and measure thermal patters for a wide variety of applications.

  • Where is energy lost from a building?
  • How much does stopping production cost?
  • How to accurately measure temperature in an energy audit?
  • How to save money by locating management problems without interrupting the operation of the installation?
  • How to measure the temperature of moving objects, at a distance and in real time?
  • How much efficiency does your installation lose due to operation outside temperature parameters?
  • What is the thermal behaviour of a new design?

Temperature is the parameter which determines efficiency in the majority of industrial processes and installations. Its control is essential to achieve projected efficiencies, extend the working life of equipment and ensure user safety. Alterations to normal thermal patterns are indicative of operational or execution faults, which can lead to serious and costly consequences.