Swimming Pools, Spas and Fountains

American Leak Detection is a world leader in finding leaks in swimming pools and spas. With our innovative LeakVue™ technology, American Leak Detection can precisely verify the speed and volume of water loss in a 24-hour period in just 15 minutes.

Depending on the region and climate where you live, it may not be strange for the water level of your swimming pool to vary from one day to the next. Environmental factors such as humidity, wind and water temperature may cause the loss of ¼ litre of water a day, or nearly 2 litres a week.

You may have a leak if:


  • The swimming pool has air in the system.
  • There are cracks in the basin or structure.
  • The base of the swimming pool moves.
  • There are flooded areas around the pool.
  • Water needs to be added more than once a week.
  • The swimming pool loses more than through natural evaporation.

Test your pool with the Bucket test.

Prepare your pool for inspection

Clear water

The swimming pool needs to be clean prior to inspection. Water leaks may not be found if there is dirt covering the bottom. Make sure that the water is clean and clear. If it is green, the water may contain algae, fungi, larvae or other contaminants which are damaging to people, making it impossible to carry out leak detection. Inspecting the swimming pool basin requires an underwater inspection by our professionals.

Have the following information to hand when you call to make your appointment

  • Does it consist of a single pool or does it have a jacuzzi as well?
  • How far away is the machine room from the pool?
  • Does it have a skimmer or overflow?
  • How many jet nozzles are there?
  • How many pumps are there?
  • How many skimmers are there?
  • Is the leak worse with the filter turned on or off?
  • How much water is lost in a 24-hour period?

Carry out the bucket test.

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Exclusive repair techniques:

We hold exclusive American patents for repairing swimming pool basins via injection, providing the best possible results.